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hey gorgeous!

I made it my mission to bring things into this world, which fill people with joy.


I started out as a graphic designer. I have designed logos, websites & print products for inspiring companies. After a few years of freelancing, I made my lifelong dream of my own advertising agency come true, and founded LENNi Advertising & Design. When I realized that my "dream life" in Vienna - living independently in that great apartment and running a pretty successful business with a beautiful office, is not that fulfilling to me, as I always imagined, my world kind of collapsed for a moment.

Now me and my sweet, cheeky dog Lilly are living in an old but very cosy house surrounded by nature, always creating new things that give me great joy. I have got the time and space to really express my creativity and I love to experiment with new materials and techniques.


I always put loads of love in all my work, which hopefully reaches you.

jenni blaschek

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